The Approach

Stoic Capital takes a balanced and systematic approach towards deploying funds in practices such as:

Combining both fundamental and technical analyses

Fundamental analyses to determine the sectors and specific investment cases

Technical analyses to determine market timing for both entries and exits

Cash and Risk Management

Stoic Capital’s deployment of funds is driven by data-based analytics, not by cash burn. If there are no investment cases or if the market timing is not right, it would choose not to deploy into risk assets. Rather, it seeks to hold the funds in cash or fixed income securities to generate cash until a more opportune time arrives.


Our board of directors has authority and responsibility for the operations and management of our funds. However, fund managers may be delegated to handle the investment management of any fund and assets.

Malcolm Wong

Wong Thien Yang Malcolm

Malcolm started his financial career with the MAS in 2001, before joining the GIC's Natural Resources team in 2006 where he was responsible for alpha generation in commodities derivatives and commodities indices. Following his stint in GIC, Malcolm joined DBS Bank in 2011 and subsequently CIMB Bank in 2014 where he was head of the commodities trading desk. He has also been actively involved in private market and startup investments mostly in the agriculture sector.

Sue Ann

Lee Sue Ann

Sue Ann brings to the company a span of investment banking and commercial banking experience from her career at CIMB, where she was involved in Trade Finance, Segment Management and Risk Return Analytics at CIMB, and subsequently in Market Risk and Commodities Trading. Today, she remains actively trading in commodities and other asset classes, with an expanded coverage that includes unlisted products such as private equity and real estate.

Harold Huang

Harold Huang

Harold is an experienced commodities derivatives trader from CIMB Bank, with exposure to managing risk across over-the-counter and exchange-traded financial instruments in the Agriculture, Energy, and Metals sectors. His expertise extends to handling bespoke commodities hedging solutions for corporate clients, alongside engaging in market-making activities catering to both retail and high-net-worth client flows within the bank's portfolio. Currently, he is responsible for alpha generation and risk management of commodities derivatives in Stoic Capital.

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