An Outlook on the EVs market


Swift, futuristic, and slick. Electric Vehicles (EVs) have emerged from the realms of futuristic concepts to become a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry. With a surge…

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Unwrapping the Cocoa Conundrum: Analyzing the Surge in Prices


The unprecedented rise in cocoa prices highlights a complex interplay of environmental, economic, and structural factors that pose significant challenges and opportunities for the global cocoa market. As the industry navigates this volatile landscape, strategic investment in agricultural technology, sustainable farming practices, and responsive market strategies will be crucial for mitigating risks and ensuring the resilience of the cocoa supply chain.

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Novelship: A Sneaker Trading Platform


Stoic Capital explores Singapore’s vibrant landscape, venturing into the world of sneaker trading platforms. Today, we focus on Novelship, a rising star making waves in this booming industry.

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Climate Analysis: Droughts in Brazil


Australia, renowned for its vast agricultural prowess, is facing a formidable foe – a relentless drought that is wreaking havoc on its wheat and cotton sectors. The country’s October rainfall was a mere 65% of the 1961–1990 average, marking the driest October since 2002.

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The dust from the new normal is mostly settled and change is everywhere. From business and operational practices to government policies and cross-border relationships, new approaches are being explored to tame the chaos of COVID-19, often with digitalization in the mix.

The modern investor too must embrace the complexity of this accelerated evolution to successfully journey to wealth.

Stoic Capital is a young and dynamic fund management company with a keen eye on the trends impacting tomorrow.

Established in September 2020 and formally a Registered Fund Management Company from July 2021, Stoic Capital leveraged on the newly established Variable Capital Company (VCC) framework to incorporate Stoicc3 VCC to manage its family of sub funds across both traditional and alternative strategies.



Stoic Absolute Return Fund 1 - SARF1

Macro commodities focused, including crypto and public markets.


Fund 2

Real estate focused, starting with Singapore and then overseas.
(Coming Soon)


Fund 3

Venture capital focuses, from start-ups and private/unlisted companies to those on a longer holding period.
(Coming Soon)

Learn more about Stoic Capital’s operational strategy.