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unwrapping the cocoa conundrum banner

The unprecedented rise in cocoa prices highlights a complex interplay of environmental, economic, and structural factors that pose significant challenges and opportunities for the global cocoa market. As the industry navigates this volatile landscape, strategic investment in agricultural technology, sustainable farming practices, and responsive market strategies will be crucial for mitigating risks and ensuring the resilience of the cocoa supply chain.

A Dive into El-Nino La-Nina Forecasts

Other than monitoring supply and demand trends and geopolitical developments, the one thing us commodities traders all watch like a hawk – weather. Weather phenomenon like the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle, have a global impact that determines the fate of both production and logistics. In this article, we dive deep into analysing the strength of ENSO forecasts, and discuss its significance in predicting El Niño/ La-Niña occurrences.

The silver tsunami

The silver tsunami is approaching us like the wave on Miller’s planet on Interstellar. It’s something everyone has talked about for the past few decades but few have realised it’s already here. Unique market opportunities exist for investors to explore: in both end-of-life and afterlife services. Something not to be overlooked amidst the hype of climate change.